Do you need help?

Counselling questions

Answer the following self-questionnaire to see if counselling is the right path for you. There is no right or wrong answer so you can be fully honest with yourself.

  1. Are you currently feeling one or more of these symptoms?
    • anxious
    • stressed
    • angry
    • lost
    • trapped
    • scared
  2. Have you been feeling like this for more than  six months?
  3. Do you feel like you’re going over the same questions again and again but can’t find any answers?
  4. Have you tried talking to your family or friends but it has not helped?
  5. Do you feel you want to talk but can’t find someone to talk to? 
  6. Are you on medication but feel it’s only masking the issue?
  7. Have you considered doing counselling before? 

If you feel ready to speak to a Counsellor about your issues, I offer to be there as your listening ear and guide so that we can work through whatever you need help with. You choose the pace that makes you feel most safe and comfortable.

Delve into mental health issues

Is there a particular problem that you are going through? Maybe you can relate to some of these situations and read how counselling can help.

Ready to talk?