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Overcoming anger with counselling

Do you have a short temper? Your frustration feels like it can shoot from 1 to 10 like an explosion but you can’t control it.

Has your temper gotten in the way of sustaining meaningful relationships with the people in your life? For example, people at work are bullying you which makes you angry but you feel like you have nowhere to turn. Maybe, you experienced a personal loss but never had a chance for closure and the pain carries on. 

Angry comes easily when we feel hurt physically or emotionally. People cite a lack of self-worth, being misunderstood or not listened to, which could lead to pent up frustration then uncontrollable outbursts, before being overcome with shame. Outbursts can be an outlet to vent our frustrations as keeping them suppressed can also affect your mental health, but they can be better managed.

People are unaware that anger is a secondary emotion and we use it to protect a vulnerable part of ourselves from being hurt. I can help you to explore what is really making you feel angry and support you with any pain, shame or abuse you may be suppressing.

If we can visualise anger as an iceberg: what we can see is the tip but what is really going on below could be a number of issues that have built up over time. Through our working relationship, I will help you find peace and awareness so you are in control of your emotions and not your emotions controlling you.

You deserve to be at peace and feel safe. This is one sure positive choice you can make today.

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