Offshore Counselling Support

Are you looking for a Offshore Counsellor?

Working offshore can be extremely stressful. Who can totally understand what it is really like working offshore ? Being away for long periods, working under intense pressure in a male dominated industry. Where a moment lapse in concentration can have life changing consequences. 

Therefore H&S is taken so seriously as a result it is one of the safer industries in the U.K Everything is scrutinised to prevent disasters like Piper Alpha ever happening again. 

Fatalities are very rare but it still happens, mental health is still a silent killer. People still work and suffer in silence because they don’t  know how or who to speak to! 

So as an Accredited Counsellor I know what you are going through. I have worked and spent time offshore. I have spoken to men while working on the oil rig about their problems and I understand when people  say to me they struggle to open up and speak to someone at work. The norm is to put your personal issues aside ( Man Up ) and carry on as normal but  unfortunately the truth is some people can’t, they find their breaking point. 

These are some issues that are very common in the offshore industry. 

Are you regularly going offshore with personal issues?

Has your relationship broken down?

Someone close to you has fallen terminally ill?

Are you feeling the Intense pressure and losing control in your job but can say it? 

Have you lost your confidence because something has happened to you while being offshore?

Have you been traumatised by a major incident offshore but feel you are unable to speak about it? 

You may or may not have had any therapy before, but as your counsellor you will be given the space and time to talk. I believe everyone is different, you will have the freedom to say what is on your mind without feeling you are being judged. 

I would like to help you get some control back in your life and not feel things in life are controlling you. 

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